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All The Things!

Whether you're an ARTIST or MUSICIAN needing help to HONE YOUR CRAFT and/or have dreams of launching an EXHIBITION or RECORDING PROJECT,...

Creation & Consulting

Experienced Producer & Expert Auditor for All Your Creative Content…. Let me Create, Manage, and/or Consult on your next Marketing,...


MUSIC, ART, MARKETING, HUMAN DESIGN I can I teach YOU to do for yourself and /or I can I CONNECT YOU with to elevate and amp up your next...

What is NFT Art?

With so many tech terms out there, it’s easy to get caught in the proverbial virtual shuffle. One of the most trendy terms is NFT or NFT art

Mask up!

The world is weird right now, but we have a solution... Check out our variety of the seasons hottest accessories! Available Now in the...


CEO, Founder Artist Mom strikes gold with Sweet Magical Goodness - creating the line with her husband Christian Kahé & daughter Marley Jane

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