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Migue Benitez y Los Matajare

Migue Benitez y Los Matajare was a musical project by Migue Benitez, the founder and singer of the Spanish band Los Delinqüentes. He died in 2004 at the age of 27, leaving behind an unfinished album and a book of poems. His legacy was released posthumously in 2010 as a disco-book titled "Cómo Apretar los Dientes" (How to Clench Your Teeth), which featured collaborations with artists such as Muchachito, Josele Santiago, Los Delinqüentes, Juanito Makandé, Rafael Amador, El Torta and Raimundo Amador.

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The music of Migue Benitez y Los Matajare was a fusion of flamenco, rock, punk and rumba, with lyrics that reflected his personal experiences, social criticism and humor. Some of his most popular songs are "Sigo a la Luna" (I Follow the Moon), "Yo Soy Como el Sol" (I Am Like the Sun), "Podenco Gripao" (Sick Hound) and "Sapo Verde" (Green Toad). His style was influenced by artists such as Kiko Veneno, Pata Negra, Camarón de la Isla and Manu Chao.

Migue Benitez y Los Matajare is considered one of the most original and authentic expressions of the garrapatero movement, a musical genre that emerged in Jerez de la Frontera in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The term garrapatero comes from the word garrapata, which means tick, and refers to the characteristic sound of the guitar strings when they are scratched. The garrapatero movement is characterized by its fusion of flamenco and other musical genres, its social and political messages, its street culture and its festive spirit.

You can listen to some of the songs of Migue Benitez y Los Matajare on YouTube or Spotify . You can also visit his official website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook. You can also buy his disco-book online or read more about his life and work on Wikipedia.


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