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The Little Book Of Hindu Deities Ebook Download

The Little Book of Hindu Deities Ebook Download

If you are interested in learning about Hinduism and its rich mythology, you might want to check out The Little Book of Hindu Deities by Sanjay Patel. This book is a colorful and charming introduction to the most important gods and goddesses of Hinduism, as well as some of the lesser-known ones. You will find out why Ganesha has an elephant's head, why Kali is known as the "Black One", and what "Hare Krishna" really means.

The author, Sanjay Patel, is an animator and storyboard artist for Pixar Animation Studios, where he has worked on movies like Monsters, Inc., A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, and The Incredibles. He has also worked on The Simpsons for Fox and with legendary cartoonist John K., creator of Ren and Stimpy. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for his short film Sanjay's Super Team, which features his own personal story of growing up as a Hindu-American.

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The Little Book of Hindu Deities is a fun and easy way to get acquainted with the fascinating stories and characters of Hinduism. The book contains 144 pages of full-color illustrations, each accompanied by a short and lively profile of the deity. The book covers the main gods of the Hindu Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), the goddesses of wealth, wisdom, and power (Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga), the elephant-headed god of success (Ganesha), the monkey god of courage (Hanuman), the god of love (Kama), the god of death (Yama), and many more. The book also includes a sacred stone called Shiva Lingam, which represents the energy and potential of the universe.

If you want to download The Little Book of Hindu Deities as an ebook, you have several options. You can buy it from Google Play Books for $13.99, or you can borrow it for free from the Internet Archive. You can also read it online on Google Books, where you can preview some pages before buying or borrowing it. Whichever option you choose, you will surely enjoy this delightful and informative book that brings to life the amazing world of Hindu deities.


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