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Ramon Bogdanov
Ramon Bogdanov

Keychain USB Mini Digital Camera: How to Recover Deleted or Corrupted Files

there is a little problem though, but it's not really that big a deal. if you're downloading from the internet, the number of pictures you can take is limited. if you've not used a computer that long, it may be a little confusing. you'll need to install a program that will allow you to download pictures to your computer. the program that i used is called gomplayer, which is a media player that allows you to download videos from the internet (and other places). the problem i had was that my camera would only let me take a maximum of 35 photos at one time. that's not too much of a problem, but it's a little confusing, as i would think that i would have the option of taking more pictures. when i first plugged in the camera, it asked me what i wanted windows to do with the pictures. i checked the box that said play with windows media player, thinking that i had the option of taking up to 35 pictures. i was wrong. instead, windows media player played my video feed. i checked the box next time i plugged in the camera that said open with a windows folder, which meant that i could select the folder on my computer that had my photos in it. that's where i took the photos. when i got to the pictures, i opened the folder that was in my computer, & gomplayer opened all the files. i decided that i wanted to delete them all (which i've already done), but i didn't want to delete the video that was in the folder i had just uploaded the photos to. i found that i could just leave the video alone, but i could delete the photos that were in the same folder. i'm not sure if this is something that everyone will have to do, or if it only happens to me. for me, it's a problem, but not a huge one.

Keychain Usb Mini Digital Camera Driver Download


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