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Https: 19k Jailbreak

This would not be the first time that a company has restricted an app offering protected content from running mobile devices due to issues with DRM. When Netflix first brought its service to Android, in fact, it only supported select Android models. The company needed to carefully test and secure each device before officially supporting new ones, not only because of general bug-testing, but also because it had to be careful in regards to DRM. Of course on Android, users soon found workarounds for the problem. On iOS, however, it would be up to members of the jailbreak developer community to get Redbox Instant working.

https: 19k Jailbreak


If you're looking for a more long-term solution, you can probably jailbreak your iPad considering its iOS version. There are multiple jailbreak tweaks such as AppAdmin that allow you to download and install earlier versions of applications; you can find one that is compatible with your device, and then use it.

Not a problem now. The Chinese site is now using baidu servers. They said they would never have used our server links if they knew we (the other guys at least) were paying for the bandwidth ourselves. We hope they will send us server log data so we can track how many jailbreaks have been installed (a huge jump in traffic since this was posted to hackaday). We suspect including Chinese users that thousands of kindles have been jailbreaked (jailbroken?) already, and only a few bricks (mostly repaired by reinstalling) have been reported. The Chinese website is our partner (not adversary) now.

We are working on blocks too, but now the Chinese are serving their own copies of our jailbreak images, thanks to these hackaday posts. And besides, we have Chinese friends in our community, and we want to share with them.

I realize that [NiLuJe] discovered the hidden images, but [knc1] realized that they could be used to jailbreak our kindles, and who put in the long hours to develop a method to use them as we do now. Others helped to, and we all know [NiLuJe] is the driving force whose collection of hacks even makes the jailbreak useful. Thanks [NiLuJe] (and I gave him credit back in the PW1 jailbreak post here too). Sorry if we misunderstood each other [Harbor23].

Woohoo! Kindlefere just joined mobileread and has become a welcome and honorable addition to our jailbreak community! We thank you and honor you KindleFere! It is wonderful when misunderstandings can be overcome with communication.

Actually, it looks like the support load is getting lighter rather than heavier. Not sure if timezone effects or the increasing more comprehensive jailbreak instructions. Despite the huge download traffic. I wonder how many THOUSANDS of kindles have been waiting for a jailbreak that did not involve opening the kindle and heating up the soldering iron? And just how many kindles are there in China anyway? All good. These thousands of jailbreaks will sure stimulate new traffic in our forum anyway, new customers for our hacks and custom apps (giving us a reason to build even more) just like the good old days. :-)

We have an estimate based on download counts of well over 4,000 jailbreaks now (and more if you consider that some downloads are used to jailbreak multiple kindles, and some files may be cached on intermediate servers). In addition, the jailbreak page has had almost 31,000 visitors. A lot of kindles have been waiting for this jailbreak, since amazon began locking down their firmware awhile ago.

Unknowable because there are translated copies of these instructions in multiple languages now, with copies of the download files as well. A quick google search for sites with linkbacks finds Chinese, Italian, Russian, and other languages (with varying degrees of translation quality). Almost all support requests come from folks who appear to have followed such foreign language intructions, but even then, quite rare considering the number of people who have downloaded the files. In almost all cases, the failed jailbreak was caused by skipping or swapping steps in the jailbreak procedure, and starting over usually fixes the problem. Overall, quite a successful situation.

A pentest was made to our mobile app (Android and iOS version) and we received feedback stating that jailbreak/root detection was ineffective because it was relatively easy to reverse engineer the application and change the return value of the method that checks whether the device is rooted/jailbroken.

Perhaps in the case of iOS we could "manually" obfuscate the jailbreak detection of the code to make it look more generic / look like something else, so the attacker doesn't know what it is and thus can't modify the code since a jailbroken device is needed to do this. But that would still leave us with the android issue.

Also, you are incorrect that hiding the code will prevent reversers from finding the anti-rootkit code paths. They are relatively-obvious. Secondly, you are also incorrect about requiring a jailbroken device to detect anti-jailbreak mechanisms. There have been numerous posts on this forum and others which demonstrate that repackaging an app with library shims to a jailed iOS device allows for full anti-jailbreak detection methods. There are even a few apps in the official Apple App Store, such as syssecinfo, that also provide jailbreak detection and library-shim discovery.

Leveraging a secure-mobile platform and the basics will achieve mid-term and long-term success greater than jailbreak and root detection. One of the best ways to ensure an iOS device remains secure is to install nothing to it. One of the best ways to ensure an Android device remains secure is to start with a base platform such as Copperhead OS and also do not install anything to it. If you can code review every app being installed to the device, then maybe apps can be used from a secure perspective. Additionally, setting your devices up for DFIR triage and taking situational snapshots is highly-recommended to verify the long-term security of these platforms.

Callaway has enjoyed huge success with its hybrids of late, chief among which is the updated version of the Callaway Apex. It features many of the same technologies as its predecessors, but the jailbreak technology has been given an upgrade. Artificial intelligence was once again key to the design of the new Jailbreak Velocity Blades that are angled and more spread out than they have been in any model since it was first introduced in 2016. 041b061a72


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