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Buy Phone Canada

If you travel with your cellphone, mobile device or computer, be aware that cyber-based threats can significantly increase when you are travelling and devices can easily be compromised and stolen. Protect yourself by being cyber aware.

buy phone canada


Ask your wireless provider about roaming fees for both phone and data use before you leave. Some providers offer travel packages for U.S. and international destinations that offer a bundle of minutes or megabytes for a fixed price.

If your device is or can be unlocked from its home network so that you can use a foreign SIM card, you can purchase a SIM card at your destination to use a 3G or GSM network at a reasonable rate.If you want to unlock your device, your provider may remove the lock for a fee, you can use free or fee-based software and websites to unlock it yourself or you can take it to a local independent mobile phone store.

You can save a lot of money by turning off data roaming on your cellphone and logging into Wi-Fi hotspots to get an Internet connection. If you purchase a subscription to Skype, Google Talk or iChat, you can call landlines and cellphones through the Internet for a very low fee.

If your phone can't be unlocked and you are travelling with your family or a group of people you can create your own personal secure Wi-Fi hotspot with a MiFi device, a wireless modem that emits a Wi-Fi signal that will allow you to run up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices from that point.

In this article, we explain a few of the basic concepts that are important to understand before shopping for a Canadian mobile phone plan. Looking for an answer to a specific question? Feel free to jump to whatever section is relevant to you:

If you already know the basics and you want to deep dive into some of the bigger questions, we have separate articles with much more detail comparing the major cell phone providers in Canada and discussing whether its better to get a prepaid plan or sign up for a monthly contract.

Many newcomers to Canada have no choice but to BYO, as the other option purchasing a phone on a contract is only available if you get a Canadian credit check, and often you need a financial history in Canada to complete a credit check.

BYO means that you have already purchased a phone before you sign up with your provider. BYO plans are typically cheaper than purchasing a plan through a provider. This is because when you buy a phone through your provider, they will offset the cost through large upfront fees or by distributing the cost of the phone over a series of payment installments or a contract.

First, your phone must be unlocked in order for it to be brought to a different carrier. An unlocked phone is a phone that is not restricted to a certain carrier, so with the proper SIM card, your phone can work with any provider and any network in Canada.

The cost of a new phone varies greatly depending on the phone. If you want a cheap phone without internet capability, you can find one for less than $100. However, if you want a smartphone, you can expect to pay a couple hundred at minimum. For one of the latest models from the big name brands, prices easily exceed CAD $1,000 for a new phone. As of April 2021, the 256 GB iPhone 12, one of the latest models, costs CAD $1,339.00 for a new model from Apple.

A monthly contract plan means that you pay for your services at the end of a scheduled payment period, usually on a set day each month. If you exceed your services (i.e. make international calls, use too much data, etc.), the phone provider will charge you for the excess. These fees can be exorbitant, with most providers charging an overage fee of $10 per 100 MB of data once you exceed the amount prescribed in your plan. Thankfully, in the past year most Canadian phone providers have introduced some form of data overage protection, allowing you to have your data cut-off until your next billing cycle to avoid these big overage charges.

The question of prepaid vs. contract can be a tough one to answer. If you have more questions about the differences between these two options, or about completing a credit check in Canada as a newcomer, you should check out our detailed guide for choosing between a prepaid and a contract phone plan.

I agree to receive a telephone call, voice message or text message at the number selected for the purpose of receiving my Identification Code for this transaction. Reminder: Normal cellphone charges may apply for delivery of this Identification Code.

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Air Canada cooperates with the RCMP in the investigation of all cases in which its name is involved. You can report suspicious emails or telephone calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Opens in New Window.

If you booked at, access your booking online to get a copy of your ticket or receipt. If you booked through an agency, contact your travel agent. For all other bookings, contact Air Canada Reservations.

Best Buy operates internationally in Canada, and formerly operated in China until February 2011 (when the faction was merged with Five Star) and in Mexico until December 2020 (due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic). The company also operated in Europe until 2012.[2] Its subsidiaries include Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales. Best Buy also operates the Best Buy Mobile and Insignia brands in North America, plus Five Star in China.[2] Best Buy sells cellular phones from Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile and Ting Mobile[3] in the United States. In Canada, carriers include Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, their fighter brands, and competing smaller carriers, such as SaskTel.

In February 2008, Best Buy opened its first store in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[56] Best Buy's Geek Squad market tests in Office Depot and FedEx Kinkos stores ended by March.[57] Also in March, the company began promoting the Blu-ray optical-disc format over the HD DVD format, a move which ultimately contributed to Toshiba's decision to drop HD DVD.[58] In May, the company agreed to buy 50% of the retail division of The Carphone Warehouse, a London, England-based mobile phone retailer.[59][60] The deal was worth $2.1 billion.[60]

In February 2009, Best Buy leveraged its partnership with The Carphone Warehouse to launch Best Buy Mobile, a Best Buy-branded mobile retailer. Best Buy Mobile standalone stores were opened in shopping malls and urban downtowns. These Best Buy Mobile outlets were also added in all Best Buy-branded stores.[65]

In April 2010, Best Buy opened its first United Kingdom-based Best Buy-branded store in Thurrock.[69] The company eventually opened 11 Best Buy stores in the United Kingdom, all of which were closed in early 2012. In November 2011, Best Buy purchased The Carphone Warehouse's share of Best Buy Mobile for $1.3 billion. Best Buy and The Carphone Warehouse maintained their Best Buy Europe joint venture, which at the time operated 2,500 mobile phone stores throughout Europe.[70]

Best Buy sells consumer electronics and a variety of related merchandise, including software, video games, music, mobile phones, digital cameras, car stereos, and video cameras, in addition to home appliances (washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators), in a noncommissioned sales environment.[2] Under the Geek Squad brand, Best Buy offers computer repair, warranty service, and accidental service plans.[2] Best Buy provides an online community forum for members, where consumers can discuss product experiences, ask questions, and get answers from other members or retail product experts.[86]

In 2014, Best Buy settled for $4.55 million in a class-action lawsuit filed against them in April 2010 by consumers who claimed Best Buy was making unsolicited phone calls in contravention of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.[92]

An unlocked phone is one that has no restrictions on which carrier it can be used. Most Canadian carriers, in exchange for providing a handsome subsidy, sell handsets that are locked to their networks, making it more likely that you will purchase, and continue using, their service. Popping a SIM card from, say, Bell into a Rogers-locked device will throw an error and won't connect. Put a Rogers SIM card back in that phone, and it starts working again.

They are typically more expensive, since they are purchased at their full retail price, with no carrier subsidy. Fortunately, there are dozens of unlocked Android smartphones in the $200 to $500 price range that are worth considering. Devices like the Moto G4 Plus, ZTE Axon 7, OnePlus 3, and many others, are primarily sold unlocked, and rival many hero devices like the HTC 10 that are nearly double the cost. 041b061a72


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