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Buy Hunter Boots Online Uk

Hunter Boot Limited is a British footwear manufacturer that is known for its rubber Wellington boots. Originally established in 1856 as the North British Rubber Company, the firm is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. It also has offices in London, New York and Düsseldorf.[4] In addition to rubber boots and other footwear, Hunter sells products such as bags, socks and accessories. It previously made tyres, conveyor belts, combs, golf balls, hot water bottles and rubber flooring. Hunter holds several Royal Warrants as suppliers of waterproof footwear.[5] Green Wellington boots, now manufactured in China,[6] are its best known product.

buy hunter boots online uk

In early January 1856, Henry Lee Norris, an American entrepreneur from Jersey City, New Jersey, and his friend and partner Spencer Thomas Parmelee of New Haven, Connecticut, landed in Scotland to work a patent[clarification needed] of Charles Goodyear for the manufacture of India-rubber overshoes and boots.[7] They arrived in Glasgow and began by searching for a suitable factory, which they eventually found at the Castle Mill in Edinburgh. A fine pair of condensing steam engines and boilers were included in the lease, which they were able to take up almost immediately due to the mill's partial occupation at the time. The pair were ready to begin operations in the midsummer of 1856. Originally, the company was named Norris & Co., which existed until the first limited liability act was introduced to Great Britain. The North British Rubber Company (which much later became known as Hunter Boot Limited) was registered as a limited liability company in September 1857.[8]

The company made not only rubber boots but also tyres, conveyors, combs, golf balls, hot water bottles and rubber flooring. In the beginning, there were only four people working for the company; by 1875, the team had grown to 600. The company had offices in Edinburgh, London and New York.

Production of Wellington boots was dramatically boosted with the advent of World War I, when the company was asked by the War Office to construct a sturdy boot suitable for the conditions in flooded trenches. The mills ran day and night to produce immense quantities of these trench boots. In total, 1,185,036 pairs were made to cope with the Army's demands. The Wellington boot was envied by German soldiers during World War I and its dependability was seen to contribute to the British army's success.[9]

For World War II, the company was again called upon to supply vast quantities of Wellington and thigh boots. Eighty percent of production was for war materials - from ground sheets to life belts and gas masks. In the Netherlands, forces were working in flooded conditions which demanded Wellingtons and tight boots in vast supplies.

In 1966, North British Rubber was bought by Uniroyal Limited of Greenville, South Carolina. Formerly known as the U.S. Rubber Company, Uniroyal is best known for car tyres and still operates today.[13] In 1976, having continued to supply boots to the royal households, Hunter was awarded a Royal Warrant from the Duke of Edinburgh. This was shortly followed by another from the Queen in 1986. By this time, a pair of Hunter boots had become an essential item[citation needed] for those guided in upmarket country fashion. By the end of the 1980s, they were synonymous with the much caricatured figures of the Sloane Ranger Handbook.

Hunter launched several extensions to the Wellington range in mid-2005. Along with developing boots under licence for the Royal Horticultural Society, the Lady Northampton riding boot, combining a molded waterproof rubber and canvas upper, was also added to extend from the company's traditional all-rubber Wellington boot range.

Spring 2007 saw the relationship between Hunter and the Royal Horticultural Society further strengthened by the launch of a new range of RHS boots at the Chelsea Flower Show in London in May.[23] Hunter also set up the 'Century' Division to handle its global range of safety boots, and to develop new products in this sector. A little over a year later, Century Safety was acquired by the Tigar Corporation for an undisclosed sum.[citation needed]

Hunter Boot Ltd enjoyed a record season in summer 2007 announcing, in August, an 85% sales increase against the same period in 2006[24] Despite this, Hunter remained faced with major financial challenges regarding production. High manufacturing and fuel costs that contributed to the company's move into administration in 2006 remained prominent and, like many UK manufacturing businesses, Hunter was forced to consider whether it was worth manufacturing in the UK. The company also had to negotiate a volatile relationship with its landlord and an expensive and inefficient 96-year-old factory. Eventually, alternative supply sources were sought and developed in Europe and the Far East and plans were made to leave the Dumfries plant and move the company HQ to Edinburgh.[25] This move was finally made in September 2008. The Chinese made boots look like the original Scottish made boots apart from the addition of an internal seam. Some manufacturing efficiencies have also been made including the removal of the latex dipping process, making the boots virtually identical to those from many other manufacturers.

In September 2008, following the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Hunter Boot Ltd sent specially made gold Wellington boots to every member of the Great Britain Olympic team who won a gold medal at the games.[30]

In 2014, Hunter opened its first global flagship[vague] on London's Regent Street. The award-winning[vague] store takes inspiration from the brand's heritage presenting the full Hunter Original, Hunter Field and Hunter Kids collections over three floors. In the same year, magician Steven Frayne, also known as Dynamo, worked with Hunter to become an integral part of their London Fashion Week show. Frayne appeared to levitate and then made models, including Suki Waterhouse, vanish in front of the crowd which included Stella McCartney and Anna Wintour.[38][39][40] In 2015, in collaboration with Checkland Kindleysides, Hunter won Best Store Concept at the VM Excellence Awards. A second global flagship was opened in the Ginza district of Tokyo in 2016.[41] In 2016, Hunter launched the Duke of Wellington by Hunter Field collection, a range of all-purpose equestrian outerwear and footwear.[42] Vincent Wauters was appointed CEO.[43][44] Hunter continues to be chosen by festival goers the world over, and is particularly synonymous with the mud-filled Glastonbury Festival. Kate Moss first wore her Original Tall boots to Glastonbury in 2005, while recent years have seen Alexa Chung in the Original Chelsea Boot, Cara Delevingne wearing the Original Backpack and Niall Horan in Hunter Original outerwear.[45]

Whether you have been rewatching The Crown before the next season, or have been to see the hotly anticipated Spencer at the cinema, you will have spotted at least one pair of iconic Wellington boots. And if you are wondering what these ubiquitous boots are that the Royals wear to walk the grounds of Balmoral, the answer is Hunter Wellingtons.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall favors them whenever she's out and about and the Queen, while she doesn't wear branded Hunter boots, one assumes (remember that Royal Warrant) she wears a special one-off pair created just for her.

Hunter's iconic Wellington boots are brilliantly versatile, too as they're both perfect for winter's rainy days, as well as a muddy festival in the height of summer. Not only do they protect your feet against the elements but they come in a wide range of colors, shapes, patterns and styles.

There are tall, slim boots and sturdy gardening boots, boots for those that are wide of calfs and ankle grazing Chelsea boots. Fashion designer Stella McCartney has a collection of vegan footwear with the brand and there's a whole range of rain boots for children of all ages.

"When your season consists of 100 days in the mountains, carrying heavy packs, you need great boots. Footwear for us is not a matter of luxury or fashion, it's a matter of function of performance under terrible conditions. I wear what works - Kenetrek Boots; comfort and durability to match the conditions of any of my hunts."

From stiff and stable all-leather mountain hunting boots to safety toe Lineman boots (and everything in between) , we've identified and produced boots to keep you upright and comfortable in every aspect of daily life. Whether you're headed to the Yukon on a 10-day backpack Dall Sheep hunt, or lacing up your duty boots to help protect and keep us safe, there is a Kenetrek boot designed for you and your adventure.

Step out in style in a pair of Hunter boots, great for wearing to muddy festivals or walking your dog in the rain. Women's Hunter boots are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles so you can keep your feet protected whatever the weather. From lightweight Hunter ankle boots to the original tall Wellington boots, find your perfect pair here on eBay.

The Original Wellington boots from Hunter are available in long and short styles and can be found in a wide selection of colours including the classic Hunter green, bright pink, yellow and navy. You can also find the Original boots finished in high gloss and styles with a graphic stripe print. These boots have been handcrafted from 28 parts, are fully waterproof and have a non-slip rubber outsole providing you with plenty of grip.

For added comfort and a snug fit, look out for adjustable Hunter boots. If you are after boots that look a little smarter, opt for the Original Refined Wellington boots. They are a slim take on the Ordinal boots and have been redesigned to create a more tailored look.

Women's Original Chelsea boots are fully waterproof and have been handcrafted from natural vulcanised rubber giving them a matte finish. These boots are great for pairing with jeans and have an elastic side gusset and nylon pull tabs making them easy to slip on and off. Lightweight and stylish, Hunter Chelsea boots are also available in a gloss finish. 041b061a72


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