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Ramon Bogdanov
Ramon Bogdanov

Background Wallpaper And More Interactive Live Tiles For WP10 ~REPACK~

The reason I bring this up is because I've been speaking to quite a few internal sources about Windows Lite, and it's looking like Windows Lite doesn't even have live tiles. It appears Microsoft is entirely omitting this feature in favor of the more common app launcher with static icons as seen on iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. If Windows Lite launches without live tiles, where is the incentive for developers to continue supporting such a feature on desktop?

Background Wallpaper and more interactive live tiles for WP10

Like most of Microsoft's more ambitious ideas, for live tiles to be successful, they really need a mobile platform to thrive. So, unfortunately, I think the glory days of live tiles are over. While I don't think we'll see them gone on desktop anytime soon, I wouldn't be surprised if live tiles never get updated with new features again. If Windows Lite launches without them, as I have been told, I think that will be the beginning of the end.


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