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Ramon Bogdanov
Ramon Bogdanov

The World Ends With You: The Animation On Crack Part 2 Because I Don't Have Anything Else To Upload

There are a few ways to look at this original problem of errand paralysis. Many of the tasks millennials find paralyzing are ones that are impossible to optimize for efficiency, either because they remain stubbornly analog (the post office) or because companies have optimized themselves, and their labor, so as to make the experience as arduous as possible for the user (anything to do with insurance, or bills, or filing a complaint). Sometimes, the inefficiencies are part of the point: The harder it is to submit a request for a reimbursement, the less likely you are to do it. The same goes for returns.

The World Ends With You: The Animation on Crack part 2 because I don't have anything else to upload

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