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Mera Mahi Tu Mera Ranjhan Tu Serial Song 26

Mera Mahi Tu Mera Ranjhan Tu Serial Song 26

Mera Mahi Tu Mera Ranjhan Tu is a popular song from the Indian television series Do Dil Ek Jaan, which aired on Life OK channel from 2013 to 2014. The song is sung by Saurabh Kalsi and Nandini Srikar, and composed by Saurabh Kalsi. The lyrics are written by Rakesh Kumar (Kumaar). The song expresses the love and longing between the main characters Antara and Raghu, who belong to different communities and face many challenges in their relationship.

The song has been well received by the audience and critics alike, and has been praised for its melodious tune, soulful vocals, and romantic lyrics. The song has also been featured in many YouTube videos, playlists, and fan-made edits. The song has become a symbol of love and passion for many fans of the show and the actors.


The serial song 26 is the last episode of the show, where Antara and Raghu finally reunite after a long separation. The song plays in the background as they hug each other and confess their feelings. The song also marks the end of their journey, as they decide to leave the city and start a new life together. The song captures the emotions of joy, relief, and hope that the couple feels after overcoming all the obstacles in their way.

The serial song 26 is one of the most memorable and emotional episodes of the show, and the song adds to its impact. The song is a fitting tribute to the love story of Antara and Raghu, who have become an iconic couple in Indian television history.


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