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Choosing The Most Effective Face Masks

The coronavirus crisis has created a new need for us and that is the use of face masks to protect yourself and others. But, there is a wide variety of these masks available and how you choose one that is best for you is important. What do I have to look for when choosing a mask? It is important to know all the types of masks and the protection offered by each one, in order to assess and choose the best one for each moment.

Viral Protection or Bacterial protection

One of the differences between viruses and bacteria is their size. Bacteria are up to one hundred times larger than viruses, and therein lies the difference between a facial mask that offers viral protection (the size of the particles they filter is of 0.3 microns ) and a mask that offers bacterial protection (BFE) (the size of the particles is larger, being between 10 and 1 microns). In addition, the tissue from which the mask is made must be taken into account because in humid environments both viruses and bacteria proliferate more quickly. The breathable fabrics help reduce moisture and prevent the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Types of Face Masks

Hygienic masks are governed by certain regulations. They are the most common. To differentiate them, you should be able to indicate their bacterial and/or viral filtration efficiency, as well as their breathability index. It is also important that they include information on the material used to make them, as well as whether they are reusable or not, the number of uses and how they are maintained.

Surgical masks are governed by different standards. They are medical devices and are not reusable. They are not recommended for use for more than 4 hours and they must be replaced if they become damp or deteriorate due to excess use.

PPE masks are personal protective equipment. They are FPP1, FPP2 and FPP3. They are recommended for the use of healthcare professionals or by medical indication, for vulnerable groups.

Which is The Most Effective?

You must pay attention to the filtration efficiency, if it is bacterial or viral, and that the filtering material (be it the mask itself or an internal filter) is certified by an organization that has tested and confirmed these values. In reality, this index does not depend so much on whether the mask is surgical or hygienic. Hygienic face masks can have much more filtration than surgical face masks. The difference is that hygienic masks are easier to market because they do not need a health license. They are, therefore, the most common. Other values to take into account are the fit, breathability and comfort that its design can provide, since they will allow you to spend more time with it on, without having to touch it or take it off continuously.

Find The Best One For You

Try to find face masks that offer the option of a versatile and responsible protection, since you can choose between an antibacterial protection filter and an antiviral protection filter, depending on the occasion. For situations of greater social distance, you can use the antibacterial protection filter, which absorbs moisture and is ultra-soft, being suitable even for people with sensitive skin and offers 98.91% antibacterial protection. To purchase artistic face masks, visit Sweet Magical Goodness by CLICKING HERE!

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