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Finding Your Fashion and Décor Styles

When we’re in high school, teen fashion magazines tell us we should all dress alike. When you reach your 20s, you start realizing you want to just be yourself. By the time you reach your 40s or 50s, you have developed your personal style. How do you get there?

Finding Your Style

The quick way to start finding your style is a quiz. You answer a few simple questions to find suggestions for a starting point for shopping. Take this quiz to begin finding your style.

A fashion style opens doors to décor style. The two link intrinsically. Determining your style homes your shopping. Once you find your style, you make shopping easier on yourself since you can find shops and stores that carry the specific items you would enjoy.

What is a style?

You already know your favorite colors. Style goes further than favorite colors or even favorite clothing items like jeans. Style refers to whether the outfit seems romantic, outdoorsy, athletic, modern, minimalist, etc. It describes the overall feel and tone of an outfit or décor. Romantic fashion style often features flounces in skirts and ruffles on tops. An athletic style might feature yoga pants, track pants, or leggings with sweatshirts or hoodies. You can integrate your style into any type of dress, for example, business wear or party wear

Finding your style simplifies your shopping. If you like romantic clothes, you might shop Draper James. If you enjoy minimalist or modern clothes, you might shop Sweet Magical Goodness. If you enjoy athletic style, you might shop Fabletics. Once you know your style, you can find catalogs or stores that cater to the look.

Extending Your Fashion Style to Décor

You can extend your fashion style to your décor, too. This lets you better express your personality and create a living environment that best suits you. When first starting out, many people use donated furniture or buy second hand. This limits their choices, but once you begin to establish yourself, you can replace the furniture with what suits your style. To find minimalist housewares and artwork, you might shop Sweet Magical Goodness for matching Matisse art prints and coffee mugs or Draper James for art prints.

Finding shops that offer clothing and housewares often provides an opportunity to reflect your fashion and décor styles as one. You can easily link the two to better express your personality.

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