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How To Unleash Your Creativity During the Pandemic

Arts and crafts are known to be both fun and therapeutic. With the pandemic, many people have faced the loss of employment and have been left with a lot of spare time on their hands. In some areas, schools may continue to be closed or have limited hours of operation leaving countless children at home. If you are out of work or homeschooling your children, using your spare time to engage in arts and crafts can not only make your children’s home curriculum more engaging, but it could also provide your household with a little bit of extra income during these difficult times.

Artists with Sweet Magical Goodness have already discovered this secret and you can too! One of the most popular craft projects at this moment is mask design. If you know how to sew, it’s possible to create masks from scratch, but if sewing just isn’t your thing, you still have the option of purchasing plain white masks and customizing them using your unique designs. The possibilities are endless with art and all you need is some supplies and a creative mindset.

There are plenty of projects that you can consider depending upon your preferred artistic interest. If you enjoy crochet or knitting, you can create sweaters and blankets that can be sold to supplement your income. Another project that is always fun is painting. Canvases and acrylic paints are affordably priced at many retailers and painting is a fun form of artistic expression that even your children will likely enjoy. It’s okay if you aren’t a pro with a paintbrush as art can often be abstractive. Sometimes the colors that are used and the feelings expressed through the piece are even more important than the design that you are attempting to depict.

Jewelry design is also a fun form of creative expression especially if you have girls at home. All jewelry making requires is a piece of string and a variety of neat looking beads. When creating jewelry at home, it’s not 24- carat gold that makes your piece profitable. It’s the colors and designs that are used in your creation. If you are into woodworking, another option is creating custom-made items that people use regularly such as birdhouses, decorative frames, and shelving. You can also get your children involved in woodworking projects by purchasing a box of popsicle sticks and a bottle of carpenter’s wood glue. You’d be surprised at the number of projects that are possible with a box of popsicle sticks, including jewelry boxes and napkin holders.

You don’t have to go stark crazy over being homebound and unemployed due to the pandemic. Take a breather and express yourself creatively! Doing this will keep your kids occupied, help you to cope with stress, and it could even put a few extra bucks in your pocket!

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