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Co-Creator/ Artist in Residence

Artist & Musician Sheila Swift Kahé is truly a multi-force Powerfrau. The mom of three sustains multiple galaxies daily- not only in her own home with life/business partner Christian Kahé, but also in her beloved Houston/Halle communities, serving as liaison for several galleries, museums, artists, musicians, and recording studios around the world. When she's not minding her own business (Kahé Design Group LLC. & Sweet Magical Goodness - with Marley & Chris!), Sheila has also partnered with Ruby Surls on the board of Splendora Gardens (whose vision is to coexist with nature in pursuit of art, wisdom, and growth); she joins John Edward Ross & Co at Studio Sassafras PR Team and as a Songwriting/ Sync Licensing Partner. Lastly, Sheila has proudly served as Assistant Gallery Director under Jim Edwards at Houston Baptist University since 2008 (where she has created over 28 exhibition catalogues for some of the most prolific artists of the 20th and 21st century such as Dorthy Hood, Virgil Grotfeldt, Bert Long, James Surls, Richard Stout, Ann Harrithas, Bill Komodore, Sharon Kopriva, Susan Plum, Michael Roque Collins, more ).

All in all, there is a vibrant explosion & integration of creative wells flowing from Sheila's #realSMG- Tons of music (seriously- just google Sheila Swift or Kahé Project- listen to the tunes!), lots of art, and MAJOR heart to launch something beautiful and sustainable and fair from our home to yours. Here's to all the things! All the galaxies rejoice! The collective is real & coming together : ) #artisalegacy

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