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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Experienced Producer & Expert Auditor for All Your Creative Content….

Sheila Swift Kahe, MFA (Masters of Fine Arts Degree)

Has toured and exhibited all over the world! A mom of three and Gallery Manager at Houston Baptist University for 12 years in tandem with recording and performing music!

Music Art Marketing Production: Led & Managed many projects and products for universities museums networks corporations , individuals and more!!

Owner of Kahé Design Group & Ursula Agileo Publishing

Specializing in Art, Music, Marketing and Design

Cultivated Network of Expertise:

From Music Studios Worldwide: Producers, Mixers Sound Engineers, To Cinematographers, Web Designers and more! Art: Relationship with Galleries and Museums and Universities. Design: Graphic, Branding, and Interiors Stylists







Web Developers


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