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When The World is Out of Balance

Sometimes the SMG falls out of balance because the worlds madness and those who profit from it, insist on spreading fear and worse and have it this way. Sometimes we need to fight 💥for our right to be in sweet magical goodness. Then it could be that we have to kick those into their nasty ⚡️butts, who are disturbing our peace of mind willingly or out of pure ignorance. 🙀

This could be shutting off media...this could be silencing the voices of nasty cynical wickedness ( yeah right that’s the opposite of sweet magical goodness 😉😎) This also could be to tell someone who is abusing our good will and patience that it’s game over. 🧿🛑

Sweet magical goodness doesn’t mean that we are naive sheep smiling yes sayers to every bs. It means knowing that we want the SMG ✨✨✨to be our predominant life energy ( we know that it’s not always possible) and fighting for it by all means still.

Showing up against stupidity, ill will, wickedness and nasty or sleazy manipulation. Always bringing things back to good, reasonable, positive and healthy. 💖

Always spreading hope and love.🙌✨💖

Okay we know that right now globally things are out of balance. Mainly when it comes to intelligence and reasonable handling of a crisis.

But it doesn’t mean that we can’t get back to it.

Already now there are so many positive effects of this “crisis” like way less traffic and pollution. It’s better for Mother Nature! Less senseless consumption but more focusing on what’s really important.We are not selling any mass bla bla products that no one in fact needs. We are “ selling” and promoting handmade and ecological designs transporting the message we stand for. And sweet magical goodness is something we need to focus on now more then ever. It’s not something that’s provided to us. It’s something we create ourself 💖💖💖

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