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When God Has Other Plans: A Day of Clearing the Clutter and Conversing with lil Critters....

This is what God had me do yesterday instead of recording… I was told “it’s not time yet, you have more work to do” 🙌🏽 So I spent time with Him outside cleaning up, organizing, and reflecting on what I was being called to do. Along the way I met some new friends: a pretty polka-dotted Lady Bug, a curious Green Dragonfly, and a sweet (but solemn) Spider! Talking to them at different parts of the process filled me with such gratitude and peace.

The ladybug didn’t mind that I got bubbles all over her as I scrubbed my yoga mats with Dawn. The second I saw her I immediately apologized as I wondered where she had come from and how long she had been there! “Just stopped by to say hello and wish you luck,” she replied. Then we laughed about how “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as I extended my hand for her to catch a ride to the nearest oak tree. We said our goodbyes and “I love you”s and as I placed her on the grey bark to climb up and find lunch, the bubbles beneath her little legs reflected the most beautiful fractals of love with pinks and blues and yellow hues shining out of the clarity of which they came from. Then I picked up my mat and walked on to the next corner needing my attention.

Mr. Dragonfly swooped in, swift and playful, but as soon as I tried to say hello he was already off which reminded me to focus and get back to my job. He reappeared and disappeared several times over the course of the day, as if to check on my progress but also to remind me how lucky I am! Finally a day of solitude with sunshine spending uninterrupted quality time with my Savior! And so lucky to the physical, mental, and emotional strength to be “IN IT” fully- learning and growing and being so productive in such an unexpected way! Trusting that, just as God told me “we’re not done yet”, I could let go of anxiety surrounding external deadline and expectations because my eternal keeper was telling what time it was and WHEN and HOW to spend this time. And now it was time to move on to pick up the toys along the back of the fence.

When I got there to the little patch of grass filled with buried treasures such as Legos, Beyblade‘s and Matchbox cars, I noticed a gorgeous white fungi fairy house in the middle of the green. And atop the top of this fairy mansion mascaraing as “just a mushroom” was a very still and almost see through amber colored spider. Unlike the lady bug who assumingely went searching up that tree for her aphids, this guy was being stealth and letting his lunch come to him! Other than me telling him he was beautiful, no other words were exchanged… for both us us heard the voice of our Creator interject and remind us to “Be Still and Know”. So still we sat… vibing together with a powerful love frequency brighter than the high noon sun which was hyper activating the chlorophyll under my feet to emit the most gorgeous 528 hertz. Filled with happiness and praising God with gratitude, I decided to leave whatever buried treasures I had initially come here for and move on with the new found ones I had just been gifted.

And now, over 24 hrs later, it’s time….

Right now I’m upstairs setting up my web cam to finally release my story for the Voices of Victory Summit and I’m so proud and happy to see the EVIDENCE of my precious TIME with God yesterday! I pulled the curtain back I’m looking at my newly clean & clutter-free backyard behind the OPEN blinds of my desktop.. and I’m feeling the mirror effect in my mind!

God always knows what we need, I’m just so happy I’m listening! And now I’m ready “for such a time as this”… 5, 4, 3, .., . ACTION!


(I wonder if Mr. Green Dragonfly will do a fly by to check on me later?!? 😝)



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